sun bear china zoo full video viral

A zoo in China has refused to grin and bear it after video of one of its bears standing on its hind legs went viral — forcing officials to deny it was a human in a costume.

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Hangzhou Zoo addressed the wild allegations in a statement pretending to be from Angela, the Malaysian sun bear seen standing up and staring at bemused-looking visitors. Download video below

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sun bear china zoo full video viral

This is a real bear, not a human dressed in costumes! A four-year-old Malayan sun bear named Angela in a Hangzhou zoo went viral on China’s social media as a video showed the world’s smallest bear standing upright and waving to tourists just like a human.

Chinese zoo forced to deny bear is a human in costume.

The claim has some precedent: In 2013, a zoo in Henan Province was accused of replacing its lion with a Tibetan mastiff.Other Weibo users had a more exotic explanation.

They said the zoo had stuck a human in a bear suit, with the posture, loose skin and fur giving it away.

One commenter joked that being the bear was probably someone’s summer job, while another said that the prominent folds on the bear’s fur looked too much like those of a costume. 

Experts say sun bears have loose skin that helps them wriggle away from predators.

sun bear china zoo full video viral

Sun, moon, grizzly, black, spectacled, sloth: Bears all over the world can stand, shuffle, totter and walk on two legs, though they usually prefer four.They do not — strictly speaking — talk.

But a zoo in Hangzhou, China, decided that the best way to clear up a conspiracy theory about one of its bears was to release a statement in the bear’s voice.

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