Israel releases unedited video of Oct 7 Hamas attack to counter 'Holocaust denial-like phenomenon'

Israel shows new unedited bodycam footage of Hamas murders to prove the 'magnitude of atrocities committed' after claims of beh**ded bab*** sparked a Holocaust denial-like phenomenon

Israeli officials showed hundreds journalists a
45-minute-long compilation of unedited footage at a military base in Tel Aviv this morning.
That footage will not be released, Israel says, until all of the families of those killed within
view it and give permission, meaning it is unlikely the whole clip will ever be seen by the public.
But journalists who attended the screening spoke of the utter horror with which they were confronted.

According to details, Israel released on Monday what it says is "gruesome" and
"unseen" bodycam footage of Hamas' Oct. 7
terrorist attack in order to counter a
"Holocaust denial-like phenomenon evolving
in real time."

Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said in a video posted on X before the release that the Israel Defense Forces have "been

collecting footage from bodycams taken by the Hamas death squads," and that they would be making the footage public to maintain a record to counter those who doubt whether certain events took place.

The screening happened in Israel Monday morning. Some of the content, according to Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin, included Israelis being ambushed in their cars, a girl being executed after Hamas terrorists founo her hiding under a desk and a father dying after a Hamas fighter threw a grenade into a bomb shelter that he and his two children were seeking cover in.
The war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is now in its third week.

At least 5,700 people have been reported killed in the war on both sides, including at least 1,400 Israeli civilians and soldiers and 32

The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry claims at least 4,385 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and the West Bank and more than 13,561 wounded.
At least 10 Americans are feared to be among the 222 people held captive by Hamas.

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