quiero agua video

The recording shows a person, who has the skin of his face completely detached, and it can also be seen that he also has cuts on his chest and foot. The face of the person, being skinned, is seen with what would be the inner muscles and only blood red tones, and with eyes popping out of their sockets.

In the video the unfortunate person asks for water, to which they ask him, do you want water? Yeah? …

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The video where you can see the t*rture and execution of a man, known as THE "gore video I want water" was the work of the hitman known as "El payaso".

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The v!ctim who is now known as the Mexican Ghost Rider was an inhabitant of the municipality of Cotija in the state of Michoacán, who was raised by CJNG hitmen commanded by 'El payaso', head of the plaza of this cartel in Aguililla.

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It was the hit man "El payaso del CJNG" himself who removed the skin from his face, while the man was still alive.

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