Michael Hanley Horse Video Going Viral On Twitter Explained

Michael Hanley horse video is going viral on the internet and social media platforms. Michael Hanley video is being viral on twitter.

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The owner of a Dublin carriage company, Michael Hanley, recently began trending on X, formerly known as Twitter, after a horse video showing the animal mounting a man in an orange t-shirt went viral online.

Watch Full Video Here

Watch Full Video Here

Earlier this week, the beastiality video captioned, “Michael Hanley left his phone in the pub; look what he was doing” and “Always keep a password on your phone,” found its way online.

The caption suggested the video was posted by the finder of the unattended device that allegedly belonged to Michael Hanley. The disturbing footage, which seemingly revolted netizens, swiftly amassed millions of views and triggered a volley of outraged comments.

While further information about the man in the video was not disclosed, netizens were able to tie the footage to a man in Dublin also named Michael Hanley, who coincidentally owns a horse-drawn carriage company called Comfort Carriages. Shortly after, Hanley from Comfort Carriages became the unwitting recipient of derisive comments online that stemmed from the horse video.

As the scandal intensified, a Youtuber supposedly reached out to Hanley inquiring about his alleged involvement in the video. In response, in an emailed statement, Hanley denied allegations that he was a horse abuser, adding his company was a victim of a False flag operation launched by their competitors in a slanderous campaign.

Furthermore, he alleged that the man in the video, which has been floating online in Germany since 2021, is not him, as the carriage owner has tattoos on his arm, but the man in the video does not.

Michael Hanley, the owner of a horse-drawn carriage company in Dublin, recently began trending online after a viral Zoophilia video claimed that the man being mounted by a horse was none other than the Ireland native.

In the wake of the aspersions, Hanley has emphatically denied his involvement in the horse video. Hanley claimed his successful horse-drawn carriage company was set up by their competitors, who recently posted the two-year-old clip that first began circulating in Germany sometime in 2021.

Shortly after, multiple social media accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, also came to Hanley’s defense. A netizen uploaded a picture from Hanley’s social media account that showed him with tattoos on his arms posing alongside a horse almost seven years ago. The social media user pointed out that Hanley could not be the man in the horse video as the perpetrator’s arms were devoid of ink.

While Hanley’s social media account has since been disabled, the screenshots of the images did support his False flag claim.

Meanwhile, several netizens also agreed that the video was a False Flag operation launched to slander Hanley’s good name and effectively discredit his company.

While allegations levelled against Hanley were seemingly disproved, it should be noted that the Zoophilia footage circulating online is very much real.

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