Juliano video with a new girl, Vivi blasts Juliano Floss on Social Media

It’s only few hours after the break up with Vivi, Juliano Floss seen with a new girl and video of him gone viral on social media platforms.

Vivi Wanderley and Juliano Floss ended their relationship this Thursday (28). The two are together enjoying a New Year’s trip with friends, in Pernambuco, on Maracaípe beach.

However, this Friday morning (29), one day after the breakup, the Vivi said on social media that she is disappointed with her ex-boyfriend.

Juliano had ended up with a girl, and Vivi didn’t like the situation, as it had only been a few hours since they announced the end of their romance. “And the only thing I asked for was emotional responsibility… How can you,” commented the influencer. 

lOn X, formerly Twitter, Vivi published several indirect comments that internet users thought were aimed at Floss. “I threw 2 years of my life away,” wrote the influencer, who dated Juliano for that period.

Vivi also republished a sentence after the whole situation: “People have no idea of ​​the emotional damage they can cause to others…”.

Vivi’s friends also criticized Floss on the web: “Affective responsibility was the least he expected after 2 years of a relationship with someone who did everything for him! Disappointing, how disgusting”, wrote Gabi Medina. “What ugliness you saw, poor Vivi who went to great lengths for this relationship,” commented Victória Collen, another friend of the influencer.

Vivi announces end of relationship with Juliano Floss

Influencer Vivi Wanderley announced the end of her relationship with fellow influencer Juliano Floss. The end was announced on the TikToker’s social networks this Thursday (28).

“Out of respect for all the fans of our relationship, I come to say that Ju and I are no longer together”, wrote Vivi in ​​an Instagram story. “We did everything we could to make it work because our love for each other is so strong.”

“But feelings alone do not sustain a relationship”, he continued. “I only wish good things for him.”

The influencer also asked for understanding and respect from fans. So far, Juliano Floss has not spoken out on social media.

Check out the post made by Vivi Wanderley in stories:

Who are Vivi and Juliano Floss?

Influencer Vivi Wanderley is a singer and has more than 14 million followers on Instagram. The influencer even attended this year’s Latin Grammys. According to her Instagram profile, she made the Forbes Under 30 list.

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