Ivan Lester Mcguire full video – Man forgot his Parachute

On April 2nd, 1988, Ivan Lester Mcguire, an experienced parachutist with over 800 dives, died when he hit the ground very very hard after jumping off the plane without a parachute.

The sad thing is that he forgot his parachute and jumped off in excitement.

In the world of adventurous sports, thrill and risk go hand-in-hand. A seasoned skydiver, Ivan McGuire had completed over 800 jumps successfully. However, he tragically met his fate as, after leaping out of the plane, he realized he had dived without a parachute.

A fatal error backed up by a devastating mix-up had led to the 35-year-old diver's harrowing fall. 
His last moments were captured on film, which left the
viewers in shock, revealing the fragility of life in the field of sports.

Fatal oversight of the
unforgettable skydiving jump

The video footage dates back to 1988 as the skydiver was engaged in filming a parachute lesson from a staggering height of 10,000 feet as he took off from Franklin County Sports Parachute Center in North Carolina. On the ill-fated day of April, he embarked on the skydiving adventure without realizing it would be his final leap.

Equipped with a camera, McGuire took off from the aircraft, unaware of the crucial absence-his a parachute.
Dutifully recording his feat, the camera captured the last moments and became the unlucky witness to his harrowing realization.

As reported by The Mirror, in an interview with UPI, Captain Ralph Brown said in a statement, "It kind of appears he reached for his parachute and didn't have one. You could only see the instructor and the student falling on the video. But the release for his parachute is on his right hip, and when that right hand goes down, the left-hand goes forward and it comes into camera view.

It's kind of boggled in there, and it sounded like he may have said, 'Oh no,' right after his left hand came into view."The footage documented a chilling turn of events that has left shockwaves among the skydiving community.

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