Jamaica Raft Video with Plastic Bag – Jamaica Raft and Plastic Bag video explained

“Jamaica Raft video Plastic bag” is trending online and people want to know about the viral video of woman who desired to use a plastic bag on a raft along with a man who was the raft captain.

People on TikTok are talking about “Martha Brae Special Jamaica Raft plastic bag video.” While on Twitter people are reacting to the viral with memes and jokes.

In the video footage, which some have dubbed ‘The Martha Brae Special’, while other called it “Jamaica Raft video of woman with plastic bag” the man can be seen attempting to play the woman as she lies on the raft.

The woman then requests a plastic bag to use as ‘protection of the jelly from the fish’.

“I might never go rafting in Jamaica after that video…, one Twitter user said.

“Dem nasty. Dem not even know if each other have disease. Ole crowbait dem,” another social media user posted.

The “Jamaica raft and plastic bag video” was shared on Twitter by a user @Chillcapo, and you can watch it here in his Twitter post.

After after the video went viral on social media, River Raft Limited, the operators of rafting on the Martha Brae and Jamaica Swamp Safari Village in Trelawny, has distanced itself from the viral video of an alleged raft captain engaging in a game with a female guest.

River Raft Ltd says it is appalled by video and has advised that its company is “in no way associated” with the footage.

“Rafting on the Martha Brae prides itself on providing nothing but excellent service to the many clients we host daily. Our complement of over 90 licensed raft captains are highly professional and take immense pride in their work,” their statement read.

“We wish to unequivocally disassociate River Raft Limited and Rafting on the Martha Brae from this outrageous video.”

The company says it does not offer limestone massages as part of its tour, nor is the activity sanctioned by the company.

Several people on social media have alleged that raft captains are selling ‘favours’ to guests as part of massage packages.

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