Mig Welders – Australia ?

If you’re shopping around for a welding machine, you might be overwhelmed by all the different types, brands and models. Mig welders are very popular and there are a great variety Mig welders for sale. 

Before you make your final choice, it might be a good idea to first have a look at the wide variety of Mig welders in Australia. When you visit a welding supplier, such as Bilba Industries, their trained sales teams will help you to choose the right brand and model Mig welder.

In this article, we’ll look at a few interesting aspects to help you to make the right choice.

When do welders use Mig welding?

Welders use Metal Inert Gas-welding (Mig welding) in a variety of manufacturing jobs. Numerous manufacturing sectors use Mig welding machines – from small parts for home decor to large construction prefab parts. Typically, industries use Mig machines to make things in high volumes on an assembly line.

For welders who manufacture small structures or repair vehicles and trailers, aspects such as the quality of the weld and high productivity are crucial. Mig welding complies with all these requirements.

If you work with alloys and metals such as stainless steel, magnesium, and aluminium the Mig welding technique is the best to use. 

How to Mig weld

The Mig welding technique is simple and easy. 

During the Mig welding process, an electric arc melts the surface of the materials you want to weld. This forms a weld pool which forms a strong bond when it has cooled down.  

To weld, the welder feeds a heated wire electrode, as well as shielding gas through the welding torch. The electrode wire is connected to an electric power source. 

The welding process starts when you bring the wire electrode in contact with the area of the workpieces where you want to weld. This creates an electric arc between the metal surface and the tip of the electrode and they melt together to form the weld pool. The shielding gas protects the weld pool from moisture and airborne contaminants. 


In other words, with Mig weld the welding wire forms a filler metal for the welding joint while it is also simultaneously the source of heat.

How much do Mig welders such as the “Unimïg” cost?

Mig welders are for sale at a wide range of prices. The “Unimig Viper 182”, for instance, is available at $795 but you can pay up to $5,220 for a “Fronius Transsteel 2200 Compact Mig Welder”. 

You have to remember that the price depends on what the specific Mig welder offers.  The higher the price the more features are included. 

For your $5,220 for a “Fronius Transsteel 2200 Compact Mig Welder”, for instance, you receive sophisticated features. The “TransSteel 2200” provides a 3-in-1 solution. The welder combines Mma, Mig/Mag and Tig in one device. The less expensive “Viper 182” is only a basic Mig welder. 

You also receive the following benefits and more for the higher price you’re paying for the “TransSteel 2200”: 

  • Compact low weight design
  • Generator compatible
  • D100 & D200 spools
  • Spot & stitch welding settings
  • Easy polarity change for gasless wires
  • 2nd gas valve for Tig welding
  • 3 years warranty with registration

In other words, you pay more for some brands and models than for others, but you also get more features the higher the price. 

What do you have to know when you want to buy a gasless Mig welder?

There’s no such thing as gasless Mig welding because the weld pool has to be protected from the oxygen in the air. The gas provides this protection. “Gasless” welders should be called “self-shielding” welders because a “gasless” Mig wire with its flux core produces a gas shield around the welding pool.

The term “gasless” refers to the fact that self-shielding wires do not require a gas cylinder.

Always remember that a gasless weld process produces a lot of smoke and therefore welders usually only use the process in open-air areas. 

You can also not use gasless welding on steel thinner than around 1.2mm. 

Thus, when you want to purchase a welder it is best to buy a “normal” Mig welder. 

Last word

If you need information regarding Mig welders in Australia contact your welding supplier. Established suppliers, such as Bilba Industries will be able to answer all your questions.

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