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Allegations of YouTuber Verbalase facing financial troubles have rapidly circulated on various social media platforms. This follows the emergence of an explicit animated video featuring Verbalase being subjected to inappropriate content by the character Charlie Morningstar from “Hazbin Hotel.” As of the time of writing, the content creator has not publicly addressed the controversy.

The widely-shared video showcases a music video set to the song “Hide Away” playing in the background. It depicts Charlie from “Hazbin Hotel” pursuing Verbalase until she captures him and engages in non-consensual activities.

Online users are asserting that Adym Steven Evans, known as Verbalase, experienced financial difficulties after producing the controversial animated music video.

According to information from Fandom, “Hazbin Hotel” was brought to life by Vivienne Medrano in 2019. The explicit animated musical comedy is scheduled for release this month on Prime Video. 

The series revolves around the protagonist Charlie Morningstar, also known as the “Princess of Hell.” Charlie’s mission is to establish a rehabilitation hotel for “Sinners,” aiming to guide them toward becoming better members of society.

In the upcoming show, Charlie grapples with various challenges, including issues related to overpopulation.

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