Instagram model Katiana Kay is currently going viral on TikTok and social media. The few Twitter pages are getting famous for posting hilarious NSFW videos including the leaked video of Instagram/TikTok star Katiana Kay. While some TikTok creators are talking about Katiana Kay’s leaked Onlyfans video by Drillaz76X Twitter page, many people are curious to know more about the Instagram model and specific Twitter user. 

Keep reading and we will explain about Katiana Kay’s leaked video, who is Drillaz76X on Twitter and how can you watch Katiana Kay leaked videos by Twitter user Drillaz76X.
  • Drillaz76X is a Twitter account which is sharing Hilarious videos of TikTok stars and Social media celebrities
  • Drillaz76X recently shared the leaked of TikTok star Katiana Kay which went viral
  • The Twitter page was created on September 4, 2021
  • He has shared almost 30 videos until the production of this article 
  • Drillaz76X has 4,391 followers on Twitter but numbers are increasing rapidly because of the Hilarious videos he has shared on Twitter 

Since past few months, a new trend is emerging on TikTok which is helping the people make their social media pages famous by creating suspense and hype in TikTok videos.

People on TikTok, create a video in which they talk about a specific Twitter page (probably about their own Twitter account) and create hype so people go on Twitter in order to see that specific Twitter page out of curiosity.

Most of the time, Twitter pages, being promoted on TikTok, share NSFW content on Twitter.

Some Twitter pages such as XyesuttvPosteditlolVillenare, and Thetodaystea Twitter page, gathered thousands of followers using similar tactics.


Twitter has a consensual content Policy which allows users to post Ad*lt content but it should be with the consent of the people shown in the video or pictures.

But some Twitter accounts thrive even after posting the leaked videos of TikTok stars and internet celebrities until they get reported to Twitter. Similar is the case with Instagram model Katiana Kay’s leaked videos.

According to details, a leaked video of Katiana Kay is making round on Twitter and many users have posted small parts of the purported video.

However, a Twitter user Drillaz76X has posted the full video (leaked) of Katiana Kay. The purported video shows Katiana in a compromising situation with a tree. That’s why the video is getting popular as “Katiana Kay Tree video.”

It was reported that the video in the question was leaked from Katiana Kay’s Onlyfans page. Until the leaked video, many people were unaware that she has an Onlyfans page too.

Drillaz76X is a newly created Twitter page which is recently getting popular through TikTok. The Twitter page has gained over four thousand followers within two days by posting the Katiana Kay leaked video. The leaked video of Katiana Kay has gained over 30,000 views so far.

You can watch Katiana Kay leaked Only-fans video here and here.

Who is Katiana Kay 

Katiana Kay is an Instagram influencerand a model who is popularly known for her content on social media. She has 518K followers on her Instagram account which is ‘Katiana’. She has 143K followers on Twitter. She is more famous on TikTok where she has amassed 1.5 million followers and 9.8 million likes on her videos.

She is from Arizona, USA but her parents are from Mexico, Columbia. Apart from modelling, she is also an entrepreneur and created her own smokable hemp project known as “Bay Smokes”.

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