Any bicycle accident lawyer can tell you that cycling accidents injure or kill thousands in the United States every year.

 Many motorized vehicle drivers foster a thought that bicycles don’t belong publicly roadways, that is solely untrue. Legally, cyclists have constant right to use the general public roads as motorcars. Too often, motorcars don’t apprehend, or don’t follow, these rules. And sadly, this bias typically follows cyclists through the non-public injury system.

If you were wounded in an exceedingly bicycle accident, you have got each right to hunt compensation from those liable for your accident. you would like the proper bicycle accident lawyer to succeed.

Bicycle Crash Statistics

According to the Centers for sickness management (CDC), there have been 467,000 bicycle accident injuries in 2015, leading to period medical prices and productivity losses of $10 billion. In 2016, there have been 840 bicycle crash-related fatalities within the U.S.

71% of those fatal bicycle accidents occurred in urban areas, wherever traffic is that the heaviest, and slightly a lot of crashes occurred throughout the daylight. Most bicycle fatalities happen throughout the evening hour, between vi p.m. to 8:59 p.m.

In CA, l.  a.   has had the best quantity of bicycle fatalities per National route Traffic Safety Administration.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents cause ninetieth of motorcycle accident deaths, and square measure the foremost seemingly to lead to harmful injury, just because they're larger, heavier, and quicker than a bicycle. to boot, cyclists don't have the maximum amount protection as somebody within a automotive.

Some of the foremost common causes of collisions are:

* A motorized vehicle cuts off a bicycle once getting into the road.

* A motorized vehicle makes a right flip and cuts off somebody sport straight within the bike lane.

* A motorized vehicle rear-ends a motorbike attempting to maneuver around a automotive set within the bike lane.

* A driver of a set automotive, truck or van opens a door within the path of a pedaler.

* The bicycler is riding on the incorrect aspect of the road, against oncoming traffic.

* A automobilist or a motorbike rider runs a stop lightweight or stop sign.

* The bicycler makes random or venturous move.

However, most bicycle accidents don't involve motorcars. Accidents involving cars represent solely around half-hour of all bicycle injuries. the opposite seventieth, caused by alternative problems, will still be terribly severe, and should lead to productive lawsuits. alternative bicycle injury causes are:

* A bicycler falls off the bike because of a poorly-maintained road.

* The bicycle is flawed, damaged, or poorly repaired.

* A bicycler falls off the bike because of associate degree animal attack.

* A bicycler collides with a pedestrian or another bicycler.

* A bicycler falls off the bike because of loss of balance or inebriation.

* A bicycler collides with associate degree object, like scrap within the road, a curb, or tree

Decreasing Your Accident Risk

Who are often control Liable in an exceedingly Bicycle Accident?

Liability for a bicycle accident injury depends on the accident cause, and WHO was guilty.

* If the motive force of motorcar caused the accident, the pedaler could file a claim against the motive force or the driver’s car nondepository financial institution.

* If the road was in poor repair or the wheeler fell due to dust, the pedaler could file a claim against the govt. agencies liable for coming up with or maintaining the road.

* If a bicycle was poorly designed or repaired, the pedaler will file claim against the individuals liable for producing or repairing the bicycle for any accidents that occur due to their negligence.

* If a dog jumped at a pedaler associate degreed caused an injury, the pedaler will file claim against the dog’s owner.

* If a pedestrian or associate degreeother pedaler caused an accident by violating the bruised cyclist’s right-of-way, the pedaler will file claim against them.

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