DETAILS: Who Is NAZLY ORTIZ? Houston Texas Road Rage Shooting Video Went Viral All Over, Suspect Name & Pics!

As the video namely, Houston Texas Street Rage capturing video, went viral on Tuesday on Twitter. Thus, everyone is curious about the actual incident that happened over there. A cleansing enterprise lady named Nazly Ortiz and her phony, a disabled US Navy veteran named Benjamin Greene attempted to assault a particular person by their black truck and kept on following through his Silver Sedan. Nazly was seen sitting in the driving seat taking pictures of the Silver Sedan, as it drives off the street. footage also clearly shows Greene driving that black truck (the automotive) as it drives off to follow that Silver Sedan.

Who Is Nazly Ortiz?

It has been captured in camera footage and some of the pictures clicked on time fortunately as proof, that Greene with his automobile followed the whole way through to that particular person, and in all this context he was assisted by Nazly. She first carried the car with them and then both automobiles exiting to North on the I-45 route and then both automobiles were stopped at a particular place where Greene tried to assault that particular person in the car at gunpoint. It’s a road rage accident, where it was later disclosed as the person even had a 2-year-old baby with him in that car.

Houston Texas Road Rage Shooting Video

When a person resisted and tried to escape from that place, Nazly with a gun in her hand obstructed his way through, and to make him stop that car right there and while assisting her phioncy she even fired a gunshot on the back of the car. Thankfully, the gunshot didn’t injure either the person or the baby in the car. As the person kept on driving she fired another gunshot. As he drove and reached the nearest hospital, it was found that he is not badly hurt and had got some minor concussions only. Fortunately, the baby was safe and sound and injured.


The car didn’t get much loss it was acquired with minor grazes and scratches only. It’s good that both of the culprits were taken under custody and presented for trial with no loss of time. Here the sheriffs did their work admirably and are always there to protect civilians from such antisocial elements. Both of them were charged and are now behind the bars. Greene was charged with assault while Nazly was charged with aggravated assault. Since she acted more violently and could have killed the victim or maybe the baby as well. You can easily find out this incident’s video clip on Twitter by simply searching for: Who is Nazly? Houston Texas Street Rage capturing video.

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