Viral video of Mathilde Tantot on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.


In recent years, the Viral video of mathlide  Tantot has become one of the most widely shared pieces of news. People want to know what the video is about and what made the story of Mathilde Tantot. So well known, since they don’t believe that what has been said is true. Check out

MATHILDE TANTOT’s age, height, country, biography, and net worth

She is a social media influencer, and she and her twin sister, Pauline Tantot, also own the swimwear company KhassaniSwimwear.

Mathilde Tantot has lived for 26 years. Since her birthday is December 24, 1994, Mathilde Tantot has become an important role model for herself because of how pretty she is and how good she is at making money. Her Instagram account, @mathildetantot, has 5.3 million followers right now.

Their swimsuit model has more than 370k followers on Instagram, and each post she makes gets an average of 10,000 likes.


About $60 gets you a top, and $35 gets you a bottom.

Since most customers would almost certainly buy the whole set, the average order would cost about $95. Based on the number of reviews, the number of YouTube try-on videos, and the number of people who follow them, they are almost certainly making a lot of money.

If the average sale price was $95, they would have made about $1,757,500 from 18,500 transactions since the business started in 2016. We’ll assume that about 10% of the 370k people who watch them have bought it. To watch the video, click here.


Mathilde Tantot’s name is already well-known among people who use social media. She is one of the many great people who have recently become well-known thanks to social media. It has been said that a video posted on several popular social media sites, including Twitter and Reddit, led to this unexpected idea.

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