Netflix blockbuster ‘Squid Game’ makes Emmy history


Netflix’s hit survival thriller was nominated for thefor drama series Tuesday. The acclaimed South Korean drama is the first non-English language series to be nominated for an Emmy.

The brutal and buzzy show, follows a group od  who are in dire financial trouble as they compete in a series of deadly children’s games for a cash prize. After its global premiere in September, word-of-mouth buzz helped propel the Korean drama into becoming Netflix most trending show according to the streamer’s own secret metrics.

Four members of "Squid Game's" main cast

were recognized in individual acting categories

for their performances. Lee Jung-jae, who

portrayed the kindhearted but debt-ridden

father Seong Gi-hun, was nominated for lead

actor in a drama series. Jung Ho-yeon was

nominated for supporting actress in a drama

series for her portrayal of devoted sister and

scrappy pickpocket Kang Sae-byeok. Park Hae-

soo and Oh Yeong-su were both among the

supporting actor in a drama series nominees.

Park portrayed Song's former classmate Cho

Sang-woo, while Oh played Oh Il-nam, an

elderly fellow contestant Song befriends during

the contest. Lee You-mi was nominated in the

guest actress in a drama series for her

performance as Ji-yeong.


"Squid Game"

" cast members are the first

native Korean actors to be nominated in their

respective categories. Series creator Hwang is

also the first native Korean creator to earn

Emmy nominations for drama writing and

directing. Overall,

"Squid Game" scored 14

Emmy nominations, including for its production

design, cinematography, special effects, editing,

main title theme and stunts.

"Pachinko," the acclaimed Apple TV+ drama

series based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, was

also among the high profile non-English

language shows vying for contention in the

Emmy series and acting categories. The show,

which is produced in Korean, Japanese and

English, landed a nomination for main title


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