VALORANT Sarmad Skins Leaked


The Egyptian feel to these is amazing. These skins are certainly a bit different than what VALORANT has done in the past. That said, they are a good different. The gold work with the possibly jade layered in will make these an instant favorite. And even if not, the cat on the back of the classic will certainly make it a fan favorite.

Here is a look at which guns are getting these new skins in the skin line.

1: Sarmad Classic

2: Sarmad Spectre

3: Sarmad Vandal

4: Sarmad Phantom

5: Sarmad Melee/Knife/Blade of Serket

The Riot Games VALORANT team continues to put out great skins, even with these ones being less than desired. Ever since the game’s release, it has been clear that their goal is to give players a variety of different choices. This is something that they learned from the League of Legends team as both are putting out new skins basically every two weeks.

As VALORANT continues to grow, they will continue to put out new skins and great new themes.

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