Crypto sites – Top 10 Crypto Research sites and tools

Crypto sites – Top 10 Crypto Research sites and tools. People are losing money in crypto because they don’t know how to do research and which tools are useful. So, today we bring you the top 10 useful crypto tools for you. There are both people who always make money and people who always lose money in the crypto industry.

Some of the key differences between winners and losers are related to how they use crypto tools in the crypto trading  environment. Networking with other investors and being on the lookout for opportunities is an ongoing task, but having the right tools and a strategy can help a lot.

Experimenting with different tools is something you can take action on right now, and it will likely change the way you operate for the better. It can be the difference between discovering a hidden gem that will double your portfolio, or following the herd and buying overpriced cryptocurrencies.

This guide includes a list of the best crypto tools to use in 2022 that will completely transform the way you interact with the crypto sphere. If you are a trader in Australia, check out one of the best au crypto exchange platforms. Let’s get started!

Where Can You Do Your Own Research? The Top 10 Crypto Research Tools

Top 10 Crypto Research Tools. A good place to start your research when deciding whether or not to invest in a product is by doing a search online. You might find that information elsewhere. It’s possible you already know a lot about the product. In either case, it’s important to read through the information you find, rather than just accepting what you read at face value,,

You don’t want to rely solely on a third-party opinion when making an investment decision. There may be important developments that impact the quality of the investment, so it’s critical to conduct your own research.

What you really need to do is to keep learning. If it’s stock research, then learn about it. If it’s cryptocurrencies, then learn about them.

After spending a week trying to find a crypto trading platform, I gave up. As a result, I did a lot of research and came across sites that analyze stocks for traders. This was not helpful at all.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 10 crypto research tools that have helped me along the way. I’m sure you’ll benefit from using these in your crypto projects.

All rank very highly with most users and have been on top for at least a few months. 

You should read this post, whether you are a new investor or have been an investor for years. This post lists 10 must-have crypto research tools that will help you reduce your risk and increase your chances of staying ahead of the game.

1. Messari – Crypto Tool

Messari is a crypto data aggregator that helps users analyze charts and make better trading decisions. With a range of helpful filters, such as sector, price and market cap, it allows you to customize your research on various coins.

You can use this for free. But, if you want to get the most out of this crypto research tool, you should upgrade to Messari Pro. This will include daily insights and long-form research, plus advanced screening, charting and watchlist features.

I love this app, Pro is my favourite tool for analyzing data. By getting a Premium membership you can also download data to a spreadsheet.

2. Glassnode – Crypto Tool.

Glassnode is an on-chain data and intelligence platform, which means it collects data from multiple blockchains to report accurate metrics and insights.

You can use Glassnode to explore market indicators for any coin and view the number of active addresses with successful transactions. The platform also provides price data and lets you set alerts and download data. You can set up free alerts for market-moving events like new blocks or high-volume traders, and download historical data in CSV or JSON formats.

When you start your subscription, it’s only $29 per month, but when you add it to your Amazon shopping cart you’ll see an additional $299 charge that you need to pay every month. However, when you pay annually instead, it’s $699 per year, and you’ll only pay that once.

3. LunarCrush – Crypto Tool.

Lunar Crush is a social intelligence platform that analyzes data from social networks to assess market activity, transaction data, and investor sentiment. 

The value of cryptocurrencies is determined by sentiment. If there is talk of one, there will be demand for it, and if there is no talk of it, then it will go down in value. This is why even the mere mention of Bitcoin and Dogecoin by social influencers caused huge price swings over the past year.


LunarCrush is the only tool to gain real-time insight into who those influential people are and let you track the influencers, coins, and exchanges that are most interesting to you. LunarCrush allows you to discover the hottest trends and the most promising coins.

This is where you earn LUNRs. These tokens are used to unlock all the benefits of You earn these tokens by providing high-quality content and engaging with other members of the community.

4. Coin Metrics – Crypto Tool.

Coin matrics offers comprehensive crypto financial intelligence, market data, index, network data, and other analytical tools to help you make informed crypto decisions. They offer more than 100 assets, and they include novel metrics like free float supply and realized cap.

5. Santiment – Crypto Tool.

Santiment is another crypto research tool that deserves a close look. It provides on-chain and social media data on 2,000+ cryptocurrencies, helping you predict the price movement of any crypto.

The platform gives you all the data you need to make informed investing decisions. And if you want to stay ahead of the pack, you can set up alerts on Santiment to get alerts when a coin you’re watching gets a surge in social volume.

You’ll get a sense of what the crypto space is about with basic metrics and limited API calls for free. You can try the platform for a limited amount of time for free.

6. CoinGecko – Crypto Tool.

CoinGecko is one of the largest data aggregators that tracks crypto currency prices. It’s called CoinGecko because it was originally based on a gecko who found a website that was tracking a different crypto exchange than the one he was trading on.

You can view live price changes for more than 10,000 coins and over 500 crypto exchanges. Apart from tracking and measuring coins and tokens by market cap and exchanges by trading volume, the platform provides an in-depth analysis of the crypto market.

7. CoinMarketCal – Crypto Tool.

A crypto market analysis tool like Coin market Cal is essential for keeping track of events in the crypto world. Without one, you can’t get a sense of what’s going on in this space.

CoinMarketCal is a decentralized and community-driven resource for crypto events. It incorporates data-driven and community-based frameworks, letting people add crypto events, which later undergo verification.

Real events get upvotes, while fake events get downvotes. If you think a particular coin has a lot of potentials to rise or fall, and you want to buy or sell it, then this is the most efficient place to do so.

With a few clicks, you’ll see all the listed events.

8. Coin Dance – Crypto Tool.

Coin dance is a great way to learn about the price of different coins and tokens. It’s also a good way to keep up with changes in the crypto world since the site tracks and displays a lot of data on the blockchain.

With Coin Dance, you can also sort data by country to see how crypto adoption is going globally. You’ll find info about other important topics like blockchain, price history, search volume, market capitalizations, demographics and more.

The platform is built around user input and validation.

9. CryptoMiso – Crypto Tool.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to completely disrupt the financial industry, especially in terms of financial trading. This can make or break an investment in cryptos — it’s important that you check out the latest developments in the sector before committing your money.

10. Skew – Crypto Tool.

 Skew Analytics  is a data analytics platform that combines information from top trading platforms like Bybit, OKEx, Binance and FTX on one screen.

The platform has a ton of interesting data that you can get value from. Coinbase acquired Skew this year, making it part of Coinbase Prime. Coinbase Prime gives you secure storage, advanced trading capabilities and client services in a variety of time zones.

You can personalize your dashboards to see more relevant information for your business. You can even add custom dashboards and market data dashboards to your available features. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for a Pro account and pay $279 per month.

What is a DEX, or a Decentralized Exchange?

A DEX serves the same function as the central exchanges that we’ve listed here, but the technical infrastructure is decentralized.

What is a DEX, or a Decentralized Exchange?

Which of these tools for crypto analytics do you like the most?

How do you evaluate these crypto tools? It’s important to take a hands-on approach to test out different strategies and tools. You need to know which ones work for you. A good strategy is essential in order to have success when trading.

Which of these tools for crypto analytics do you like the most?

The next step is to take action, go for it, and get dirty with your investing. Use the tools I suggested, and which one suits you best, in which order, and ultimately create a routine that will allow you to put in more consistent work and results.

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