In Chapter 3, Fortnite UFOs become a major issue

Epic Games has released the UFOs (saucers) in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 3. Even though they’ve only been out for a few hours, many players are already having a hard time with them.

The vehicle was put into the game before the developer thought about how it would be used in the current season. Players have already found a way to make UFOs deadly and impossible to stop.

Using that trick, players can get a lot of eliminations in every game and win without putting in much work. On the bright side, UFOs will only be in the game for a few days, and Epic Games may even change them soon.

The size and health pool of a UFO are two of its biggest problems. It only has 600 hit points, which means that even a single player can easily kill one. Also, they are very big, which makes it hard to miss them. In shoppingmode Fortnite Chapter 3 And Season 3 however, things are not the same.

Epic Games added boulders to the game at the start of the current season, and players have used these objects with UFOs to get easy wins.

Reddit user Physical-Cap3367 took a boulder with a UFO and went on a rampage, as fans can see in the video above. The Fortnite player got rid of two enemies quickly and easily, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

The boulder is so strong because its damage depends on how fast it moves. This means that if it’s moving quickly (usually rolling down a hill), it can do 150 damage to players.

Fortnite UFOs are unstoppable

As you can see in the video above, the boulder is also very strong against buildings. It can cause up to 450 damage, which makes it a very dangerous weapon. shoppingmode Fortnite players can move quickly from one place to another by using the boost function of a UFO. This will also make the boulder move faster and do more damage.

The vehicle has been out of the vault for a few hours, but players can expect that Epic Games will soon make it harder to use. Making boulders too heavy for UFOs to move would be a simple solution. This could make it impossible for UFOs to pick up boulders or cause them to lose energy much more quickly when carrying a boulder.

Some shoppingmode Fortnite players have said that trees are just as much of a problem as boulders. It seems that UFOs can grab them and use them to do a lot of damage to players.

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