Face split diving video is getting viral on social media  platform. An innocent boy was playing with his life while diving into the sea. Face split diving accident was heartbreaking accident because a boy was doing fun. But he doesn’t know it is the last dive of his life.

Let me tell you that the video will give you a goose bumps if you have weak heart you need to avoid reading this article. Its a video in which boys face split from his body because he tried to jump from a height into sea. 

This is one of the most recent videos that are going viral. It first showed up on the Internet around the third week of July, but since the second week of September, it has become a huge hit. Usually, the video doesn’t have a name.

It’s just called something like “Horrible Diving Accident,” “Bridge Fail,” “Worst Diving Accident,” “Horrific Diving Accident,” “Awesome Diving Accident,” “Disgusting Diving Accident,” “Jump Accident,” “Cellphone Horrific Diving Accident,” “Awesome Diving Accident,” “Disgusting Diving Accident,” “Awesome Diving Accident,” “Disgusting Diving Accident,” I called it Dive Fail because I couldn’t come up with a better name.


A 16-year-old boy dives off Beirut’s seaside promenade, but he slips before he goes under. When he trips, he misses the ocean and hits the fishermen’s fishing spot on the concrete slab below. First, his face hits the concrete, and then he goes into the water. In a short time, blood has stained the water for yards around. People and boats are in the water trying to help the guy, and girls are screaming all over the place.

The scene then moves to a hospital, where a group of doctors and nurses are taking care of the poor guy. His face is split right down the middle, from top to bottom.

Face Split Diving Accident - Boy face split while Diving

He is still breathing and moving his eyes, so he is still alive and aware. He looks really scared. A few times, the doctor takes the sides of his face and pushes them together to make his face whole again. People say that the doctor says, “Where do I start?” several times in Arabic.

Where did this accident happened?

There have been a lot of rumours that this video is fake, but it seems to be real. In the second week of June 2009, this happened in Beirut. On Manara Promenade the teen and his brother were showing off their diving skills. The Manara Promenade is right across from the American University on the shore of Beirut’s harbour. This part of the Promenade is called Al-Rawsha. It is a place where divers have been going there for a long time. Even though the government has never liked it. In fact, like the Golden Gate Bridge, it has long been a place where people try to kill themselves or kill themselves.

From the Manara Promenade to the water is over 40 feet away. In the beginning of the video, his brother makes a good dive. He and his brother had jumped before, and everything had gone well. This time, though, he slipped, and everything went wrong. This part was taken with an afternoon-shooting Nokia cellphone. This part of the video was taken by a girl who was at the scene “Oh my God! Oh my God! Call in the Civil Defense! “language.

Face Split video

The second part of the clip shows the same kid in the hospital, but it was shot with a different cellphone, so it looks different. The people who work at the hospital definitely speak Lebanese Arabic. This part of the video was shot in the brightly lit ER of the American University Hospital, which is only a quarter mile from where the accident happened. That’s why this part of the clip is so much brighter.

Face Split Diving Accident - Boy face split while Diving

People are saying that such a clip could not have been shot in an ER, but in the Developing World, it is common for family, friends, and other people to be in the ER right next to the patient’s bed while the staff hovers around them. Also, it’s not unusual for them to have a phone with them and record what’s going on. In the US, that would probably seem pretty strange, but in the Arab World, no one gives it a second thought.

Last words on Diving Video

From the very amateurish three-language warning at the beginning to the horrible screams after he hits. To the blood-red ocean spreading over a large area around the 20–30 people in the water trying to help him. To the absolutely terrifying scene in the hospital where the poor kid’s face is split clean in two, this video hits you hard. The victim’s scared, laboured breathing and the look of horror in his eyes are both things that really stick with you.

In the background of the whole video is some weird, cheesy, and hard to describe instrumental music that, for some strange reason, really adds to the creepiness. The jerky, amateurish cell phone footage that jumps around also adds to the sense of fear.

Even though I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, I couldn’t sleep for a few days after seeing this.

Twitter Reactions

Netizens are feeling bad after the video. Some of them are curious to know that the boy is alive or death. But he was breathing with his splitting head. Lets explore the some of the twitter reactions of the users.

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