Video An Off Duty NYPD Officer Being Robbed And Assaulted

NYPD Officer Being Robbed And Assaulted

NYPD Officer Being Robbed And Assaulted

A new news has surfaced online. An off-duty veteran NYPD officer was viciously attacked while walking in the Bronx on August 23, 2022, by three unidentified suspects mans, who are suspected to be members of a drive-by mugging crew.

How Off-Duty NYPD Officer Being Assaulted

The attack rendered the veteran officer brain dead. This news was recently published online, and it has since gone viral on social media. This news became a hot topic of conversation, and many people are looking up this news online because they want to learn all there is to know about it read more ⬇️

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Robbed And Assaulted explained

Thursday in support of and in solidarity with 48-year-old NYPD Officer Muhammad Chowdhury.The demonstration was a call for justice after Chowdhury was attacked and robbed Tuesday on the same corner the rally was held at Olmstead and Turnbull Avenue. No suspects have been apprehended, according to sources. They are accused of stealing his debit and credit cards, cell phone, keys, wallet, and other identification.


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