cincinnati mayor video – Cincinnati Mayor backtracks viral trash-talk video

Cincinnati Mayor backtracks viral trash-talk video

is backing down from comments he made about the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes on Friday.“That escalated quickly,” Pureval said to reporters on Saturday. “That really went viral.

On Friday, Pureval set the Kansas City social media scene on fire when he released a satirical, trash-talking proclamation from the mayor’s desk.

Kansas City comedian and actor Eric Stonestreet also responded. In a tweet, he said, “…you sir are a dork and you should fire the dork that told you this was anything close to a smart, funny, factual, or good idea.

The thing that I regret is takign attention away from the teams and away from the coaches and away from the players,” Pureval said. “Tomorrow, I’m just excited to be not the mayor, but a rabid fan.”There is always a lot of fun trash talk that is exchanged when it comes to high profile football games.

Ahead of the AFC Championship Game, the mayor of Cincinnati may have gone a step too far.Travis Kelce calls out Cincinnati mayor over viral tweet after win in AFC Championship.

Given the recent success that Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals had had over the Kansas City Chiefs, the mayor made a video alluding to a paternity test saying that Burrow is the father of the Chiefs.

This combined with Bengals’ defender Mike Hilton referring to Arrowhead Stadium as Burrowhead Stadium.

After the nail-biter win, star tight end Travis Kelce was given a hot mic and dropped a WWE-esque promo, channeling his best Attitude Era Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

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