Disturbing Video Shows Ray Rice Knocking His Fiancee Unconscious

Disturbing Video Shows Ray Rice Knocking His Fiancee Unconscious

The NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games after he was arrested for allegedly knocking his then fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator in February. He was later accepted into a pretrial diversionary program to avoid prosecution.

The brevity of the suspension resulted in a public outcry, prompting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to institute a stricter domestic-violence policy.

We've had video of Ray dragging his unconscious fiancee's body out of the elevator since February. On Monday TMZ published a new video from inside the elevator that shows Rice punching Palmer in the face and knocking her out.

In the video, the two appear to be arguing. When Palmer takes a step toward Rice, he punches her with his left hand in the face.

In the aftermath of the suspension, some (including Rice's lawyer) hypothesized that Palmer was the aggressor in the elevator and that's why Rice's suspension was so short. Based on the new video, that is not the case.

The NFL released a statement saying no one from the league had seen the new video until Monday morning.

Here's the video: (Be warned: This video is violent and disturbing. Watch at your own risk.)

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