Liam Hemsworth’s online criticism of Miley Cyrus’ Backup Dancer Theory about Gabriella Brooks.

Many claims that the backup dancer for Miley Cyrus and Australian model Gabriella Brooks have similar freckles and moles. Since Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” became a worldwide hit, new rumours about Liam Hemsworth dating the latter’s backup dancer have emerged. Following the success of her diss song on Spotify, there was a lot of chatter around her ex-love husband’s life. Since then, Hemsworth has been viciously mocked online for taking Cyrus’ place. Images that have gone viral recently show Gabriella Brooks, Liam Hemsworth’s current girlfriend, dancing in the background of Miley Cyrus. The two women were spotted on stage together in June 2014 at Miley Cyrus’ Capital FM Summertime Ball. The Wrecking Ball singer performed hit songs from her album Bangers while attending the occasion. Follow our website, newztunnel, for the latest updates!!!!!

Miley Cyrus had been engaged to the Australian actor since 2009, but they split up in the same year. Brooks’ age would have been 17 or 18 when the former performed on Capital FM. Both of the parties involved have yet to make the rumour official. The model and actor were first linked to each other following the actor’s divorce from Cyrus in December 2019. Since then, the two have made several appearances on the red carpet. According to In Touch magazine, Hemsworth’s parents are reportedly smitten with the model. Sydney is where Gabriella Brooks calls home. She earned a degree in ancient history and archaeology from Sydney University. She is currently represented by many modeling agencies, including Storm, Priscilla, and Next.


Internet users respond to the widely circulated claim that Gabriella Brooks was Miley Cyrus’s background dancer.

While Miley Cyrus’ song Flowers has achieved international success, fresh rumours regarding Liam Hemsworth’s possible relationship with her backup dancer have surfaced. There was a lot of curiosity regarding the singer’s ex-love husband’s life after her hate song on Spotify went viral. Internet people have been persistently mocking Hemsworth for Cyrus’ replacement over the past few weeks. Another image that claims to show Miley Cyrus’ current partner Gabriella Brooks dancing behind Liam Hemsworth has gone viral. The pair was spotted performing together at Miley Cyrus’ Capital FM Summertime Ball in June 2014. Many songs from the Bangers album by the Wrecking Ball singer were played at the concert. Many people have seen comparisons between the freckles and moles on Miley Cyrus’ backup dancer and those on Australian model Gabriella Brooks. However, it should be emphasized that neither party has made this rumour official.

When people learned about the rumours, they expressed their disbelief on the internet. Many people found it difficult to believe that The Last Song star was dating someone who knew Miley Cyrus intimately. Many people sharply criticized Hemsworth for dating one of Cyrus’ dancers after the former publicly mocked Cyrus for her daring dancing skills. Most internet users supported Miley Cyrus and were happy that he had broken up with her. Most remarks stated that she “deserved better.” She’s a damn poor girl, according to a few comments under a YouTube video that shared Miley’s dating rumours. She’s so young, yet her life seems to be spiraling out of control. She has experienced a lot. According to a further reply, he is what he is because of Miley and his brother. Overrated is the man.

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