Taylor Swift Shares New “Lavender Haze” Video: Watch

Taylor Swift Shares New “Lavender Haze” Video: Watch

Swift wrote and directed the latest visual from her new album Midnights “Taylor Swift has shared a new video for her Midnights track 

Lavender Haze.” Swift wrote and directed the softly psychedelic visual, which finds her wandering through her home in a dream state as flowers sprout from the carpet and her house floats through the cosmos.

The clip also stars Laith Ashley De La Cruz, a transgender actor and activist, as Swift’s lover. Take a look below.

“The Lavender Haze video is out now. There is lots of lavender. There is lots of haze,” Swift tweeted after the visual was released. She continued:Swift has also released music videos for Midnights cuts

“Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled,” both of which she directed. She later removed a shot from the “Anti-Hero” short film that found her stepping on a scale that read “FAT” (The updated video still has Swift on a scale but removes the word “FAT”).

Her visual for “Lavender Haze” seems to hint that another video might be on the way; in the opening moments, the camera lingers on a record sleeve with the title “Mastermind”—another Midnights track.

Swift released Midnights, her tenth album, in October. She announced her extensive Eras Tour in support of the record at the beginning of November, but during Verified Fan pre-sales, Ticketmaster’s website collapsed under the overwhelming demand for tickets.

The company then canceled the public on-sale date for tour tickets. Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, are facing multiple lawsuits from Swift fans who felt that the companies manipulated the sales unfairly.The uproar prompted a U.S.

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee to hold a hearing about the operations of Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment. Senator Amy Klobuchar and other members of Congress occasionally quoted Swift’s lyrics throughout.

The Justice Department has also opened an investigation into Live Nation Entertainment, which reportedly began before the Eras ticketing problem.Read “6 Takeaways From Taylor Swift’s New Album Midnights” over on the Pitch.

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