Video: Electric National Anthem Performance Ahead Of Jaguars-Titans Goes Viral

Paul Wane plays the electric guitar during the playing of the national anthem. 

Every rendition of the national anthem should require an electric guitar from now on. 

Paul Wane, a middle-aged local musician in Jacksonville, performed the national anthem on his guitar this Saturday night. 

It was incredible. 

Take a look at the electric performance in the video below:

"The National Anthem on the guitar is absolutely ELECTRIC," said FanDuel Sportsbook.


Football fans are loving this performance, especially ahead of tonight's big NFL game. 

"this is the most Jacksonville national anthem of all time," one fan wrote on social media. 

"How every national Anthem should be performed," another fan commented.

"This man playing the National Anthem on the electric guitar is the most Jacksonville thing that’s ever existed," a Twitter user said about the performance. 

Keep rocking on, Paul Wane.

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