What Happened To Alex Smiths Right Leg? Alex Smith Leg Injury Video, Where Is Alex Smith Now?

What Happened To Alex Smith's Right Leg? It would be a miracle to have Alex Smith back on the NFL field, said the Washington Football Team physician Dr. Robin West. What Happened To Alex Smith's Right Leg has been something that many have been wondering about. This article will share what happened to Alex Smith's Right Leg.

Alex Smith's Leg Injury

Alex Smith suffered a compound fracture with further complications in 2018. It seemed that his career would come to a stop. After giving up, he went under rehabilitation for 2 years and also underwent and recovered from 17 surgeries in the hope of playing in the NFL one more time. In 2020, Alex started two games for the Washington Team and won his first game since 2018. 

What Happened To Alex Smith's Right Leg?

Smith, who was tackled in the backfield by the Texans on November 18, 2018, suffered multiple broken bones. His right leg was caught at an awkward angle, and hence Smith suffered a compound fracture that broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg, making him almost handicapped. It was an extremely complicated recovery for Smith because the injury had led to an infection of flesh-eating bacteria, also known as Sepsis, after Smith's initial surgery. Smith required 17 surgeries before he could be entirely on his way to recovery. After recovery, when Smith returned to the field, he still had to wear a titanium brace to protect his leg.

Alex Smith Leg Injury Video

ESPN has released a documentary video of the entire recovery process of Alex Smith. In the video, Smith shows his current leg and various other graphics of how his leg looked during the recovery process and what had happened. Sepsis had put Alex'sAlex's life at risk. When the medical professionals did not understand how to clear up the infection, which was damaging other organs, they also decided to amputate his leg. They said they would amputate Smith's right leg above the knee area. 

Smith said in the video that he had to undergo a muscle transfer and microvascular surgery to combat the situation. Smith wasn'twasn't given a green pass by the medical team to return to the field until July 2020 and about 20 months after the initial injury.

Alex Smith Return To The Field

On July 24, 202, Smith was cleared by his medical team to return to the field. Initially, Smith was not given a go, but when he was, they took it slowly by training him. October 11, 2020, was Smith's day to shine again, and he went 9-for-17 for 37 yards. Kyle Allen leaves the team after a severe leg injury, and Smith enters his second relief action of the season. On November 22, 2020, Smith Threw for 166 yards and a touchdown as Washington beat the Cincinnati Bengals to earn Smith's First win Since 2018. 

Where Is Alex Smith Now? 

Alex Smith, the quarterback, retired from the NFL due to a devastating leg injury and his age in April 2021. After the 17 surgeries, the gameplay wasn'twasn't as easy or even the same for Smith. During his recovery, he only wanted one chance to play again. He was pleased to do so. During the surgeries, the doctors considered amputating his leg because it became Septic and was damaging his other organs. All in all, after his leg healed, he played again and scored a touchdown. Now Alex Smith no longer plays and is retired.

What Happened To Alex Smith's Right Leg- FAQs

1. Can Alex Smith walk?

Yes, he can walk.


2. How long did Alex have to wear the fixator?

Smith spent months in a wheelchair, then on a walker, then on crutches, and finally, had an external fixator attached to his leg for eight months.

3. How long did Alex Smith take to recover?

Smith had to undergo a muscle transfer and microvascular surgery to further address the infection, per ESPN, and more than 10 additional surgeries were needed to get everything under control. Smith wasn't cleared by his medical team to return to the field until July 2020, about 20 months after the initial injury.

4. What life threatening injury did Alex Smith have?

He got Sepsis after a terrible compound fracture in his right leg. 

5. How long was Alex Smith out?

After suffering a compound fracture to his right tibia and fibula in a November 2018 game against the Houston Texans, Smith underwent 17 surgeries and sat out the entire 2019 season

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