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 A 14 years old andriana Kuch death video has become the hot topic of discussion on social media. In this article, we will tell you that who is andriana Kuch and what happened to her. You can watch full video link here 

On February 3, Andriana Kuch was found de@d at her home two days after the shocking video surfaced on the web. Andriana Kuch committed su!cide by hanging due to the fallout from a physical altercation with another girl that was filmed and subsequently shared online. The video shows several students ass@ulting the teen and hitting her with a water bottle as she walked down a school hallway with her boyfriend. The attacker can be seen punching and kicking and pulling Adriana’s hair while others laughed and recorded the vicious att@ck on the train station.

Andriana is a 14 years old US high school student who was born in Toledo, Ohio and lived in many places with her family due to her father’s service as an Army Airborne soldier.

According to her father, four girls have been charged with third-degree felony ass@ult after her de@th.

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