What is the viral Trout Lady Video Reddit? – The Trout lady Video Twitter

What is the viral Trout Lady Video Reddit?

What is the viral Trout Lady Video Reddit?

There has been a shocking video circulating on Twitter and Reddit of a woman who’s been deemed the “Woman with Trout for Clout.” In the video, the woman from Tasmania, Australia, can be seen killing the tout by using it in an extremely inappropriately on herself.

The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views as people are shocked by what they’ve seen. One report suggests that the incident is now being investigated by police in Tasmania, who have had complaints about the disturbing nature of the content.

The Trout lady Video Twitter

The unnamed woman, allegedly worked at a vet clinic previously and at animal shelters, while here husband was a fisherman who was trying to make it on YouTube. A Tasmanian vet clinic reportedly confirmed that the woman was a former employee.

The Trout for Clout video was first leaked on Twitter where hundreds of thousands of people have viewed it. In the disturbing video, the woman is saying down on the boat when the husbandcan be seen saying, “That’s how you catch. trout!”

After the video went viral, the vet clinic she once worked at, issued a statement saying: “Please understand that this person is no longer a paid employee… Any matter relating to disrespect or mistreatment of animals is condemned by all our staff and myself.”

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