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Chloe Sims, star of British reality show The Only Way Is Essex, moved to Los Angeles last year with her three siblings in an attempt to break into Hollywood – her original show on OnlyF’ free streaming service shared an experience in , and documented the experience.

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OnlyF generates billions of dollars in revenue, much of it from pornography. But the social platform is also working to grow the non-pornographic side of its business, including through OFTV, its free-to-watch, job-safe streaming platform and app.

The company signed a multi-year deal with Chloe, Frankie, Demi and Charlie Sims, starting with the five-episode first season of The Sims House, which was billed as keeping up with the Kardashian-inspired reality series. OFTV this week unveiled the trailer for The Sims House, which will premiere on May 3 (click here). The remaining episodes air on OFTV every Wednesday.

Why did Sims siblings choose OnlyF for this program? According to Charlie Sims, who spearheaded the deal with OnlyF, a big part of that was because the company gave them full creative control over The Sims Home. As part of the partnership, family members created OnlyF accounts, which they used to promote the show — which Chloe says opened her eyes to how monetizing social media can’t be done via Twitter or Instagram.

I’m British. We’re notoriously prim,” she says, “I had reservations at first…but we’ll do a good job of showing people it’s a big platform” Is there more to it can provide. “

Chloe’s Onlyf account is free to follow, but she shares “locked” content (as do sisters Frankie and Demi), who pay $6 to $40 per post for access. She says her paid content on OnlyF includes the kind of photos and videos she uploads to Instagram in lingerie and swimwear (no explicit nudity). “It’s pretty much the same content I’ve been posting for years — but now I have it,” she said.

“I’m proud to be a part of OnlyF,” Chloe added. “I think people think that to make money from OnlyF, you have to do certain things. That’s probably the most important thing you don’t realize.”

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