Watch Desiigner Plane Video | Rapper Desiigner charged for indecent exposure during flight


Watch Desiigner Plane Video | Rapper Desiigner charged for indecent exposure during flight

Desiigner faces charges of indecent exposure after reportedly engaging in self-pleasuring acts in front of flight attendants during a flight. According to the FBI affidavit, a container of Vaseline fell into the aisle while he was attempting to change seats.

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For the past few months I have not been ok…I have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on,” Desiigner said in a statement.

According to details, Following an incident of indecent exposure on an international flight, Desiigner voluntarily admitted himself to a mental health facility. As reported by TMZ, the incident occurred during a flight from Thailand to the United States, leading to the flight attendant notifying authorities. Upon arrival in Minneapolis, law enforcement officers met with the rapper for questioning. He was eventually released from custody.

Insiders connected to the artist informed the media outlet that his unpredictable actions started after he was given an unspecified medication. The anonymous source speculates that the drugs led to a “chemical imbalance” in Desiigner, which may have contributed to the public indecency incident.

The performer, nèe Sidney Royel Selby II, addressed the airplane incident on Thursday (April 20). Using his Instagram platform, Selby shared his mental struggles leading up to the event.

“I haven’t been okay for the past few months,” he started. “I’ve been grappling with understanding what’s happening. While abroad for a concert, I had to be hospitalized as I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“They prescribed medication, and I had to catch a flight home. I’m deeply ashamed of my behavior on that plane. After landing in the US, I’m checking myself into a facility for help. I’ll be canceling all my shows and commitments until further notice. Mental health is a serious issue, guys; please keep me in your prayers. If you don’t feel like yourself, seek help.”

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