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Cat In The Blender Video

Social media users are scarred for life by a video that’s making the rounds on Twitter, featuring a cat and a blender.Twitter and TikTok are flooded with reactions to a video of a cat in a blender. While the origin of the clip is unknown, users are determined to have it removed and they are hoping that the person responsible for the inhumane act receives the deserved punishment.

Not only does the clip leave one traumatized, but many are taken aback by the fact that it managed to find its way on a platform like Twitter, despite its strict rules against gory or violent content.

Only to bring more awareness to animal cruelty, a number of Internet users are sharing videos featuring their reactions to the sad clip.Meanwhile, a few others in shock are extremely disappointed with humans’ ill-treatment of voiceless animals.One angry Twitter user shared.

You all are so messed in the head to be retweeting a cat in a blender. You’re getting blocked.”Putting a living cat in a blender mate, I do indeed wish that the person who did that will be getting their punishment,” said another.


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