lukas van ness dad video – Jason Van Ness dad of Lukas Van Ness as video

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Jason Van Ness dad of Lukas Van Ness as video

Lukas Van Ness’ dad slaps son’s girlfriend on backside during strange NFL Draft celebration. Lukas Van Ness’ dad was giddy with excitement after the Green Bay Packers drafted his son 13th overall in the 2023 NFL Draft on Thursday.

As the Van Ness family enjoyed a wild celebration, Van Ness’ father, Jason, stood and pumped his fists up with joy before hugging Lukas’ girlfriend, Frankie Kmet. Jason proceeded to slap Kmet’s backside twice, instantly becoming an internet sensation.

The moment came seconds after Kmet, who was by Van Ness’ side when the Packers called, gave her boyfriend an emotional kiss. Van Ness’ family and friends were so excited that they nearly knocked the Iowa product over the couch in the green room at Union Station in Kansas City.

The video that went viral was so chaotic that some questioned which woman, in fact, was Van Ness’ girlfriend. Kmet comes from a football family as well — her brother, Cole Kmet, is a tight end for the Bears, the Packers’ NFC North rival.

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