Mason Dark Video – Mason Dark Video viral


Mason Dark Video – Mason Dark Video viral

Mason Dark Video, TikTok challenge leaves teen disfigured with nearly 80% of body burnedA TikTok challenge that went horribly wrong left a 16-year-old North Carolina boy severely disfigured, with burns covering nearly 80% of his body.

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Mason Dark Video

Mason Dark and his friends were creating a makeshift torch with a spray paint can and a lighter, which triggered an explosion that consumed the teens in flames.

The teens from Wake Forest, a town roughly 17 miles northeast of Raleigh, were participating in a dangerous TikTok challenge where social media users use flammable aerosols to create miniature flamethrowers.

They all heard a big boom. And then Mason came running out and started taking off his shirt,” Dark said.Mason hopped into a nearby river to soothe the burns, but emerged with charred skin.

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