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Jess Dobkin’s Wetrospective at the Art Gallery of York University (all photos by Yuula Benivolski, all image courtesy the artist and AGYU, Toronto)

How do you describe a Jess Dobkin performance? The Toronto-based artist has spewed tiny clowns from her vagina, turned her breasts into puppets, and blown bubbles with her ass.

Her unique approach to creation is a bit like Marina Abramović on The Muppet Show; she provides an entry point for challenging topics like mental illness and sexual violence by wrapping them in the fluffy comfort of comedy.

Watch full video here

jess dobkin being green

A solo performance that uses magic to explore trauma and transformation, asking us to consider who we are beyond the stories we tell about our lives.

The work presses the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen. Developed in Residency and Co-Produced by The Theatre Centre.

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