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TikTok stars keep mushrooming by the day; Santea is definitely an up-and-comer that has still to fulfil his potential. TikTok has generously made content creators on the platform millionaires and worldwide famous very quickly and from a very young age. 

A new TikTok personality has risen over the summer and people want to know more about him. Santea just hit a million followers yesterday on TikTok (Monday, November 2nd) and his following is constantly growing as he gained another 100k in a day

Santea recently was in LA and hang out with David Dobrik, Jeff Wittek and Zane Hijazi, America’s most famous comedy YouTubers. WOW. Big steps for Santea and he’s only 18!

Currently, Santea has over 66k followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel. He also joined Twitter yesterday in celebration of hitting a million followers on TikTok where he received a warm welcome from his fans:

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