Cyan Boujee Video leaked - South African YouTube Star accuses Prince Kaybee over video leaks

Cyan Boujee video leaked and trending on social media. Meanwhile, the 20-year-old South African YouTuber, Cyan Boujee, accused Prince Kaybee responsible for the leaked video, people wanna know more about the controversial story.

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"It's him definitely," Controversial influencer Cyan Boujee takes a swipe at Prince Kaybee for allegedly leaking her video.

Controversial influencer and DJ Cyan
Boujee is topping trends after her leaked video made rounds on social media.

The 4 minute video shows Cyan Boujee in a compromising situation while the person along her was not recognized. However, rumours suggest that it was Prince Kaybee with Cyan Boujee in the leaked video.

In the backdrop of the leaked video, the bubbly DJ quickly took to Instagram to swipe at Prince Kaybee for allegedly leaking her video.


Taking to Instagram Stories, Cyan Boujee posted: "I'm ayt guys, but wow may God bless Prince Kaybee. It's him, definitely.
My only issue is my niggas are all gonna dump me today."
Despite fingering Prince Kaybee, he is yet to address the daring allegations that have thrust him into the top trends.

According to Cyan Boujee, the video was recorded years back, only to be leaked this year. Undoubtedly, South Africans have been trying to connect the dots on how Prince Kaybee was embroiled in the now-viral video.

However, she also said she was okay despite the video thrusting her into the top trends for the wrong reasons.


Cyan Boujee is not new to scandals. Over the years, she has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

She recently opened up on her once-rumoured alleged affair with DJ Maphorisa during The Venting Podcast with Gogo Skhotheni.

The bubbly DJ made it known that she never dated Maphorisa, as alleged by tabloids, but the muso liked her. She went on to reveal that now it's the complete opposite. She now loves the muso.

After all, Maphorisa isn't the only celebrity she has been alleged to have dated.

During her Podcast and Chill with MacG interview, she got candid about her alleged affair with Busta 929.
At some point, she was also embroiled in an alleged entanglement with Blag Diamond, but the duo went on to clear the air over the entanglement that took a toll on their career.

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