Fernando Villavicencio Video – Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio shot dead in Ecuador

Ecuadorian presidential candidate was assassinated in Ecuador. The politician, close to the president, Guillermo Lasso, received three shots to the head after a campaign event in Quito. His motto was ‘It’s time for the brave’.

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Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio has reportedly been assassinated at a campaign rally.
The video of the suspect who was captured at the rally, is circulating on Twitter. Another video from the incident seen shows people at his rally hiding while the gunshots can be heard in the background. You can watch the video on Twitter by going through this link.

According to reports, Villavicencio was shot three times in the head and a grenade was found at the scene but not used. Watch the video of the moments just before the shooting:

The candidate for the presidency of Ecuador Fernando Villavicencio was shot to death this Wednesday afternoon after participating in a campaign event in Quito. The attack occurred in a school in the capital from which the applicant came.

Villavicencio, whom most polls placed in fourth or fifth position among the opponents who will dispute the succession of Guillermo Lasso on August 20, presented himself as a battering ram against corruption under the slogan It’s time for the brave.

The 59-year-old politician and journalist by profession, was a member of the Assembly until its dissolution and chaired the Oversight Commission. During the impeachment trial against Lasso, he was criticized because that commission issued a report favorable to the president that did not have the support of other legislators. The attack occurs when there are 11 days to go before the elections in a country asphyxiated by an unprecedented crisis. During the campaign, the mayor of Manta, a key port for drug trafficking, and a candidate for the Assembly have been assassinated

Carlos Figueroa, a personal friend of Villavicencio, assured in a video broadcast on social networks that the candidate died after being shot, despite the fact that he had been transferred to the Women’s Clinic, a medical center near the site of the shooting, reports Eph. The Minister of the Interior, Juan Zapata, confirmed shortly after the death of the candidate.

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