Dameyon Massey video – Pastor Exposed On Facebook

North Carolina Pastor Dameyon Massey is trending on social media after he has been exposed in a leaked video tape. People are reacting to his leaked tape and many are criticising him for what has been came in the public about him.

According to details, a North Carolina pastor and one of his ex-members have allegedly been involved in an inappropriate relationship and their secret went public earlier this week.

Bryant Johnson II, ex-member of The Remnant Church Outreach Ministries, claimed in a now-deleted social media post that his former pastor, Dameyon Massey, had relations with him.

Text messages obtained by FVVD show Johnson II and Massey had plans to have meet up on a specific day. However the leaked screenshots do not show the actual date.

After the criticism and backlash, Johnson II later deleted the social media post. However many Facebook users have saved the Screenshots and they are now reposted on Facebook and Twitter.

Sources tell FVVD that Johnson II and Massey has had a FWB relationship for sometime.

According to Johnson II, Massey is allegedly married to a guy name Roderick Jones. He told us they went to Atlanta and became husband and husband, however, we have been unable to locate a marriage license.

In the text message we have obtained, Johnson II is [Blue]. Johnson II appears to have cut off the date of the text messages, but Massey tells Johnson II that he will arrive in 20 minutes. Massey tells Johnson II to “make sure that ** and d*** is ready.”


In the social media post, Johnson II also posted a screenshot of the money he sent Massey on Cash App, which shows $2,829.16. The screenshot also shows that Massey sent Johnson II a total of $107. See the sceenshot. below:

Johnson II also posted screenshots of Jones telling him not to say anything about him and Massey having relationship. Johnson II told Jones that Massey was having s** with him the whole time he was at the church but was treating him like an outcast. Jones told Johnson II that he believes Massey was hurt because he left without an explanation.


Apostle Dameyon Massey issued a video statement addressing those leaked Screenshots and the alleged video tape. He also publically repented for his sins

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