Morgan Wallen Concert Porta-Potty Fight video Goes Viral

Morgan Wallen Porta Potty video is going viral on social media and people are reacting tobthe video with hilarious memes and comments.

A brawl broke out over the use of porta potties during a Morgan Wallen concert on Aug. 30 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Penn. But no arrests were made, the city's department of public safety said.
A now-viral clip shows two women arguing about one of them seemingly cutting in line outside of a row of red porta potties. The argument escalates quickly, as the women begin punching each other.

Eventually, one of them pushes the other backward into one of the porta-potty stalls as a bystander who is exiting moves away from the melee.

A third woman joins the tussle inside the porta potty, with two women now holding down the other. Meanwhile, a fourth woman joins the fray, pulling one of the women out of the porta potty, and the two begin pulling hair and punching each other as a man also tries to break up the fight.

A representative from Pittsburgh's department of public safety
tells Billboard that though there were no arrests, there were "plenty of ejections for intoxication." The rep also noted that "the parties involved in the incident dispersed" before police were made aware of the fight.

"If anyone wants to file a police report, they can do so at any time," the rep added.

The video of the fight, shared by Barstool Sports, been viewed more than 10 million times on X (formerly known as Twitter).
The PNC Park concert was part of Wallen's current One Night at a Time World Tour, which features openers including Ernest, Parker McCollum and Bailey Zimmerman.

Wallen's next tour stop is Sept. 2 at FedEX
Field in Washington, D.C.

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