New Horse Video 2 - New Woman and horse riding video leaves People surprised

A new "horse video 2" is trending online and people are reacting to the video which shows a horse and a woman's interaction in a unique way. Yet many people haven't watch the original video, so they want to know more anout it.

Every single day, new and unique content goes viral on social media platforms and people enjoy watching it. However some stuff is so creepy that it makes people regret to watch it.

Earlier last week, a frog video was going viral on social media.
Later on a dog video went viral and few days ago a man in an orange shirt with a horse made headlines.

Now a new horse video which is labelled as
"Horse video 2" is going viral and thousands of people on TikTok are reacting to the viral video.

The video shows a woman cleaning the hooves of a horse. The later part shows the interaction of the woman and the horse in a
unique way.
The video is so surprising that many vloggers asked people to not watch it as they would not be able to control their emotions after watching this horse video.

Woman in the viral horde video hasn't been identified. However the video has been viewed by over 200,000 people so far.

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