“The knife video” Viral on Twitter and TikTok – viral Knife video explained

“Don’t watch ‘The knife video’,” a social media influencer warned his fans while thousands are still searching for the viral knife video on Twitter and TikTok. But what is “The knife video” and why is it getting so much attention? Here is all you need to know. 

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On December 1, 2023, a video titled as “The knife video” emerged on Twitter and people began talking about the purported video. Even on TikTok, thousands of people were talking about the viral knife video and many shared short clips from the original knife video.

But many people who came across the, Twitter posts, TikTok reactions and comments, are still unaware about the nature and details of the video and they are desperately searching for “the knife video.”

Some reactions over the video has over 6 million views and still rising. The original video has over 3 million views on Twitter so far.

You can watch the original knife video on Twitter by going to this link to the video.

Earlier this month, similar videos with labels such as The horse videoThe frog video and the fish video also went viral ans gained massive attention.

Below are some hilarious reactions over the viral knife video:

However, some people are advising others to not look for or watch the knife video because it may surprise you more than you ever were.

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