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 Domelipa, a renowned Mexican social media personality, is recognized as a prominent TikTok star, Instagram influencer, and YouTuber hailing from Monterrey, Mexico. Born as Dominik Elizabeth Resendez Robledo on August 27, 2001, she is widely known by her online aliases, Domelipa or Dom. 

While she maintains privacy regarding her family details, Domelipa has garnered global fame primarily through her engaging content on various social media platforms, with TikTok being a standout platform for her.

In February 2022, it was revealed that Domelipa is in a relationship with the well-known Mexican musician, Dekko. With an Instagram account (@soydekko) boasting a substantial 2 million followers, Dekko and Domelipa often share adorable and romantic photos, delighting their fans. The couple’s online presence has added to their popularity, creating a buzz among their followers.

Demonstrating active engagement across multiple social media platforms, Domelipa maintains a strong presence on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Her journey on YouTube spans over five years, with the channel being created on June 28, 2018. 

Over the years, Domelipa has consistently shared diverse and entertaining content, further solidifying her status as a social media sensation.

The latest addition to Domelipa’s content repertoire is a new video that has been circulating on the internet, sparking excitement among her fans. The anticipation to watch this video has led to a craze among followers, eager to click on the “watch full video” option and experience the latest offering from the beloved Mexican influencer.

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